Crossrail Bill Select Committee: Reports and Publications

The link below will take you to the pages that host the Committee's publications.

  • Reports - published following an inquiry and setting out the views of the Committee;

  • Oral Evidence - transcripts of oral evidence sessions published by the Committee;

  • Additional Evidence - exhibits shown electronically to the Committee via the PaSS System (Parliamentary Support System) (see note below)

Footnotes in the Oral Evidence Publications

During the proceedings, the Committee received 405 memoranda, in the form of Petitioners€™ exhibits and Promoters€™ response documents, which have been reported to the House. Many of these exhibits were shown to the Committee on screen, via the PaSS System, during the evidence sessions.

This documentation has, where possible, been cross-referenced and footnoted in the Oral Evidence.

Each document shown received a Unique Identification Number, for example (LINEWD-EXH02-001), (SCN-20060118-022), (WESTCC-32104A-013), which can be cross-referenced to the Additional Evidence pages within the Reports and Publications pages.

In the footnotes of the Oral Evidence, references to evidence generally submitted by Petitioners are indicated by, for example €˜Committee Ref: A18, €¦€™

References to evidence submitted by the Promoter are indicated by, for example €˜Crossrail Ref: P2, €¦€™

Current Session 2006-07

Previous Session 2005-06