Constitutional Affairs Committee

Press notice/ 06 of Session 2003-04                 19 February 2004


Civil legal aid: adequacy of provision

The Constitutional Affairs Committee will hold the first of six evidence sessions on: Civil legal aid: adequacy of provision on Tuesday 24 February.

The Committee announced this inquiry on 9 December 2003 (Press Notice 1, Session 2003-04), setting out details of those issues which the Committee intend to explore. The Press notice is available on the Committee's website at: 

Details of the evidence session are as follows:

Tuesday 24 February

9.30 am Clare Dodgson, Chief Executive and Philip Ely OBE, Chairman, Legal Services Commission

Further evidence sessions have been arranged for 9, 16, 23, 30 March and 27 April. The Committee expect to hear evidence from the following organisations: JUSTICE, Legal Aid Practitioners, Legal Action Group, The Bar Council, The Law Society, Family Law Bar Association, Advice Services Alliance, Citizens Advice, Law Centres Federation and the Department for Constitutional Affairs. Details of the sessions will appear in due course on the Committees website

A copy of the transcript of evidence will be available as soon as practicable on the Reports and Publications page of the Committee's website at: