Constitutional Affairs Committee

Press Notice/ 03 of Session 2003-04             6 January 2003


Asylum and Immigration Appeals

The Constitutional Affairs Committee will hold the first of four public evidence session on Asylum and Immigration Appeals on Tuesday 13 January. The session will focus on the proposals for a single tier of appeal and on the recent changes in procedural rules. The Committee's inquiry was launched on 28 February 2003 (Press Notice 4, Session 2002-03). Written submissions were invited from interested parties. Those submissions reported to the House and ordered to be printed are available on the Committee's website at:

Details of the evidence session are as follows:

Tuesday 13 January

9.15am His Honour Judge Henry Hodge OBE, Chief Adjudicator, Immigration Appellate Authority, Rt Hon Lord Newton of Braintree OBE, Chairman, The Council on Tribunals and Mr Charles Blake, Council of Immigration Judges

Further evidence sessions have been arranged as follows:

Tuesday 20 January

9.15 am Association of Members of the Immigration Appeal Tribunal; Immigration Law Practitioners Association, The Law Society, The Bar Council and the Refugee Legal Centre

Tuesday 3 February

Time tbc Migration Watch, the Medical Foundation and Justice; Citizens Advice (NACAB), Immigration Advisory Service

Tuesday 10 February

9.15am Immigration Services Commissioner and Minister, Department for Constitutional Affairs

Further details will be made available as soon as practicable on the  Future Meetings page of the Committee's website at: