Committee of Public Accounts Press Notices

Session 2007-08

The Session began on 6 November 2007

Date Inquiry Announcement
20 November 2008Compensating victims of violent crime 54th Report published
18 November 2008Reducing passenger rail delays by better management of incidents 53rd Report published
13 November 2008Protecting consumers? Removing price controls 52nd Report published
11 November 2008Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office 51st Report published
6 November 2008Making grants efficiently in the culture, media and sport sector 49th Report published
4 November 2008The supervision of community orders in England and Wales 48th Report published
30 October 2008Meeting needs? The Offender Learning and Skills Service 47th Report published
28 October 2008The procurement of the National Roads Telecommunications Service 46th Report published
23 October 2008Reducing the risk of violent crime 45th Report published
21 October 2008Management of large business corporation tax 30th Report published
9 October 2008NHS Pay Modernisation: New contracts for General Practice services 41st Report published
7 October 2008Preparing to deliver the 14-19 education reforms in England 39th Report published
11 September 2008The roll-out of the Jobcentre Plus office network 44th Report published
9 September 2008Managing financial resources to deliver better public services 43rd Report published
4 September 2008DEFRA: Management of Expenditure 40th Report published
2 September 2008HM Treasury: Making changes in operational PFI projects 36th Report published
September 2008Treasury Minutes CM 7366 Recommendations accepted by Government
September 2008Treasury Minute CM 7365 Recommendations accepted by Government
24 July 2008Preparing for sporting success at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and beyond 42nd Report published
22 July 2008Ministry of Defence: Major Projects Report 2007 33rd Report published
18 July 2008Ministry of Defence: Leaving the services 37th Report published
17 July 2008Increasing employment rates for ethnic minorities 34th Report published
15 July 2008Difficulties in administering the Single Payment Scheme in England: A progress update 29th Report published
10 July 2008Nuclear Decommissioning Authority - Taking forward decommissioning 38th Report published
8 July 2008Progress in tackling Benefit Fraud 31st Report published
3 July 2008Housing Market Renewal: Pathfinders 35th Report published
2 July 2008Treasury Minutes, 9th -13th Reports of Session 2007-08 Recommendations accepted by Government
1 July 2008Reducing the cost of complying with regulations 32nd Report published
26 June 2008Government preparations for digital switchover 28th Report published
24 June 2008Department for International Development: Providing budget support for developing countries 27th Report published
19 June 2008Evasion of Vehicle Excise Duty 2nd Special Report published
17 June 2008Caring for vulnerable babies: The reorganisation of neonatal services in England 26th Report published
12 June 2008The cancellation of Bicester Accommodation Centre 25th report published
10 June 2008The privatisation of Qinetiq 24th Report published
5 June 2008Report on the NHS Summarised Accounts 2006-07 23rd Report published
22 May 2008Improving the efficiency of central governments use of office property 22nd Report published
20 May 2008The Carbon Trust 21st Report published
15 May 2008HMRC: Helping individuals understand and complete tax forms 20th Report published
13 May 2008BBC Procurement 19th Report published
8 May 2008Improving corporate functions using shared services 18th Report published
1 May 2008Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Managing risk overseas 17th Report published
29 April 2008Government on the Internet 16th Report published
25 April 2008Treasury Minutes, 57th - 65th Reports of Session 2006-07 Recommendations accepted by Government
25 April 2008Treasury Minutes, 1st - 6th Reports of Session 2007-08 Recommendations accepted by Government
24 April 2008The Pensions Regulator: Progress in establishing it's new regulatory arrangements 15th Report pubished
22 April 2008The budget for the London 2012 Olypmic and Paralympic Games 14th Report published
4 March 2008Coal Health Compensation Schemes 12th Report published
28 February 2008Sustainable employment: supporting people to stay in work 13th Report published
26 February 2008The Compensation Scheme for fromer Icelandic water trawlermen 11th Report published
20 February 2008Staying the course: the retention of students on higher education 10th Report published
7 February 2008Helping people from workless households into work 9th Report published
February 2008Committee Chairmans response to publication of Treasury Minutes Recommendations on public services accepted by Government
24 January 2008Improving services and support for people with dementia 6th Report published
22 January 2008Evasion of Vehicle Excise Duty 5th Report published
17 January 2008Prescribing costs in Primary Care 2nd Report published
15 January 2008Building for the future: sustainable construction 3rd Report published
10 January 2008DFID: Tackling rural poverty in developing countries 1st Report published
18 December 2007Building and maintaining river and coastal flood defences in England 4th Report published
11 Dec 2007NAO Report: NHS Summarised Accounts 2006-07: Achieving financial balance Chairman's Statement
6 Dec 2007The BBC's management of risk 66th Report published
30 Nov 2007NAO Report: Major Projects Report 2007 Chairman's statement
29 Nov 2007Managing the defence estate: quality and sustainability 61st report published
29 Nov 2007NAO Report: Improving corporate functions using shared services Chairman's statement
28 Nov 2007NAO Report: Improving the efficiency of central government€™s office property Chairman's statement
28 Nov 2007Improving the efficiency of central government€™s office property Chairman's statement
27 Nov 2007HM Treasury: tendering and benchmarking in PFI 63rd report published
23 Nov 2007NAO Report: The Privatisation of QinetiQ Chairman's statement
22 Nov 2007NAO Report: The Carbon Trust Chairman's statement
22 Nov 2007Pay modernisation: A new contract for NHS Consultants in England 59th report published
20 Nov 2007The management of staff sickness in the DfT and its agencies 64th report published
16 Nov 2007NAO Report: Managing risks in Overseas Territories Chairman's statement
15 Nov 2007The Thames Gateway: Laying the foundations 62nd report published
14 Nov 2007NAO Report: Sustainable employment: Supporting people to stay in work and advance Chairman's statement
13 Nov 2007Big Science: Public investment in large scientific facilities 60th report published
13 Nov 2007NAO Report: The BBC€™s preparedness for digital switchover Chairman's statement
9 Nov 2007NAO Report: Housing Market Renewal Chairman's statement
8 Nov 2007Estimating and monitoring the costs of building roads in England 58th report published
8 Nov 2007NAO Report: The cancellation of Bicester Accommodation Centre Chairman's statement