Committee of Public Accounts Press Notices

Session 2004-05

Date Inquiry Announcement
28 July 2005The accounts of the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster Nineteenth Report (HC 313)
14 July 2005Department of Health: reforming NHS dentistry Thirtieth Report (HC 167)
12 July 2005Inheritance Tax Twenty-ninth Report (HC 174)
7 July 2005Network Rail: making a fresh start Twenty-eighth Report (HC 556)
5 July 2005The impact of the Office of Government Commerce's initiative on the delivery of major IT-enabled projects Twenty-seventh Report (HC 555)
30 June 2005Ministry of Defence: the rapid procurement of capability to support operations Twenty-sixth Report (HC 70)
28 June 2005Tackling congestion by making better use of England's motorways and trunk roads Twenty-fifth Report (HC 134)
23 June 2005Improving patient care by reducing the risk of hospital acquired infection: a progress report Twenty-fourth Report (HC 554)
21 June 2005Reducing crime: the Home Office working with Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships Twenty-third Report (HC 147)
16 June 2005Facing justice: tackling defendants' non-attendance at court Twenty-second Report (HC 103)
14 June 2005PFI: The STEPS deal Twentieth Report (HC 553)
9 June 2005The United Kingdom's civil space activities Twenty-first Report (HC 47)
7 June 2005Managing risks to improve public services Fifteenth Report (HC 444)
26 May 2005Ofgem: The Social Action Plan and the Energy Efficiency Commitment Thirteenth Report (HC 442)
24 May 2005Welfare to work: tackling the barriers to the employment of older people Tenth Report (HC 439)
6 April 2005Department for International Development: responding to HIV/AIDS Fourteenth Report (HC 443)
5 April 2005Improving public transport in England through light rail Eleventh Report (HC 440)
4 April 2005Financial management of the European Union Eighteenth Report (HC 498)
1 April 2005Helping farm businesses in England Twelfth Report (HC 441)
31 March 2005London Underground Public Private Partnerships Seventeenth Report (HC 446)
30 March 2005Department of Health: improving emergency care in England Sixteenth Report (HC 445)
18 March 2005Ministry of Defence: Battlefield Helicopters Eighth Report (HC 386)
10 March 2005The Drug Treatment and Testing Order: early lessons Ninth Report (HC 403)
1 March 2005Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Visa entry to the United Kingdom: the entry clearance operation Seventh Report (HC 312)
22 February 2005Excess Votes (Northern Ireland) 2003-04 Sixth Report (HC 311)
22 February 2005Excess Votes 2003-04 Fifth Report (HC 310)
8 February 2005Improving the speed and quality of asylum decisions Fourth Report (HC 238)
3 February 2005The BBC's investment in Freeview Third Report (HC 237)
25 January 2005Tackling cancer in England: saving more lives Second Report (HC 166)
18 January 2005The management of sickness absence in the Prison Service First Report (HC 146)

The press notices below were published in this Session but relate to reports agreed in Session 2003-04. For completeness they have therefore also been filed in the Session 2003-04 archive.

Date Inquiry Announcement
7 April 2005Managing resources to deliver better public services Twenty-fifth Report (HC 181)
14 December 2004Health and Safety Executive: Improving health and safety in the construction industry Fifty-second Report (HC 627)
7 December 2004Success in the regions Fifty-first Report (HC 592)
2 December 2004Northern Ireland: The management of industrial sickness absence Fiftieth Report (HC 561)
30 November 2004Connexions Service Forty-eighth Report (HC 618)
25 November 2004The recovery of debt by the Inland Revenue Forty-ninth Report (HC 584)