Committee of Public Accounts Press Notices

Session 2002-03

Date Inquiry Announcement
9 December 2003The Public Private Partnership for National Air Traffic Services Ltd Forty-eighth Report (HC 80)
4 December 2003Film Council: Improving access to, and education about, the moving image through the British Film Institute Forty-seventh Report (HC 685)
2 December 2003The operational performance of PFI prisons Forty-ninth Report (HC 904)
27 November 2003Protecting public health and consumer interests in relation to food: the Food Standards Agency Forty-fifth Report (HC 708)
18 November 2003Ministry of Defence: Building an air manoeuvre capability: the introduction of the Apache Helicopter Forty-sixth Report (HC 533)
13 November 2003Fisheries enforcement in England Forty-third Report (HC 752)
11 November 2003New IT systems for Magistrates' Courts: the Libra project Forty-fourth Report (HC 434)
15 October 2003A safer place to work: Improving the management of health and safety risks to staff in NHS Trusts Forty-second Report (HC 704)
18 September 2003Modernising procurement in the Prison Service Forty-first Report (HC 676)
17 September 2003Ensuring the effective discharge of older patients from NHS acute hospitals Thirty-third Report (HC 459)
10 September 2003Ministry of Defence: The construction of nuclear submarine facilities at Devonport Thirty-seventh Report (HC 636)
24 July 2003Improving social housing through transfer Fortieth Report (HC 590)
23 July 2003A safer place to work: Protecting NHS hospital and ambulance staff from violence and aggression Thirty-ninth Report (HC 641)
17 July 2003Improving service quality: Action in response to the Inherited SERPS problem Thirty-sixth Report (HC 616)
16 July 2003PFI Construction Performance Thirty-fifth Report (HC 567)
11 July 2003The Highways Agency: Maintaining England's motorways and trunk roads Thirty-second Report (HC 556)
10 July 2003Department of Trade and Industry: Regulation of weights and measures Thirty-eighth Report (HC 581)
9 July 2003The Office of Fair Trading: progress in protecting consumers' interests Thirty-fourth Report (HC 546)
4 July 2003Tackling Benefit Fraud Thirty-first Report (HC 488)
3 July 2003Department for International Development: maximising impact in the water sector Thirtieth Report (HC 446)
2 July 2003BBC's Accountability Chairman's Statement
2 July 2003Inland Revenue: Tax Credits and tax debt management Twenty-ninth Report (HC 332)
27 June 2003The management of substitution cover for teachers Twenty-seventh Report (HC 473)
26 June 2003Safety, quality, efficacy: regulating medicines in the UK Twenty-sixth Report (HC 505)
25 June 2003Protecting the public from waste Twenty-fifth Report (HC 352)
20 June 2003Community Legal Service: the introduction of contracting Twenty-fourth Report (HC 185)
19 June 2003Delivering better value for money from the Private Finance Initiative Twenty-eighth Report (HC 764)
18 June 2003Innovation in the NHS-the acquisition of the Heart Hospital Twenty-third Report (HC 299)
13 June 2003PFI refinancing update Twenty-second Report (HC 203)
12 June 2003The operations of HM Customs and Excise in 2001-02 Twenty-first Report (HC 398)
6 June 2003The PFI contract for the redevelopment of West Middlesex University Hospital Nineteenth Report (HC 155)
5 June 2003Better public services through call centres Twentieth Report (HC 373)
16 May 2003Reaping the rewards of agricultural research Eighteenth Report (HC 414)
9 May 2003Improving public services through innovation: the Invest to Save Budget Sixteenth Report (HC 170)
8 May 2003Helping victims and witnesses: the work of Victim Support Seventeenth Report (HC 635)
2 May 2003Opra: tackling the risks to pension scheme members Fifteenth Report (HC 589)
29 April 2003Friendly Fire Chairman's Statement
17 April 2003Royal Mint Trading Fund 2001-02 Accounts Fourteenth Report (HC 588)
16 April 2003Facing the challenge: NHS emergency planning in England Eleventh Report (HC 545)
11 April 2003Ministry of Defence: progress in reducing stocks Thirteenth Report (HC 566)
9 April 2003Tackling pensioner poverty: encouraging take-up of entitlements Twelfth Report (HC 565)
4 April 2003Individual Learning Accounts Tenth Report (HC 544)
26 March 2003The Office for National Statistics: outsourcing the 2001 Census Ninth Report (HC 543)
19 March 2003Excess Votes (Northern Ireland) 2001-02 Eighth Report (HC 504)
19 March 2003Excess Votes 2001-02 Seventh Report (HC 503)
14 March 2003The 2001 outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease Fifth Report (HC 487)
12 March 2003Ministry of Defence: Exercise Saif Sareea II Sixth Report (HC 502)
30 January 2003Private Finance Initiative: redevelopment of MOD main building Fourth Report (HC 298)
10 January 2003Tobacco Smuggling Third Report (HC 143)
9 January 2003Dealing with pollution from ships Second Report (HC 119)
18 December 2002Collecting the television licence fee First Report (HC 118)