Committee of Public Accounts Press Notice

National Audit Office: Major Projects Report 2007

A statement from Edward Leigh MP, Chairman of the Committee of Public Accounts:

It’s another year, but the same story about the MOD’s handling of the twenty largest defence programmes.  I acknowledge that introducing military kit isn’t as easy as picking something up from Tesco.  I also recognise that the MOD is trying to improve things and that in year delays have occurred on only five of the twenty projects.

At a time when our Armed Forces are being asked to do very difficult jobs in unbelievably trying circumstances, delays in introducing key equipment are the last thing they need.

However, I am less forgiving about the MOD slipping costs from one budget to the next. It has moved more than £1 billion between internal budgets over the last two years. We need to be clear: these are not savings. This juggling act must not happen again next year. The MOD should focus its creative efforts more on effective project management and less on shuffling figures around on balance sheets.


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