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Recent Press Notices:

Date Inquiry Announcement
8 April 2010 HM Revenue and Customs€™ estate private finance deal eight years on 32nd Report published
8 April 2010 The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills: helping over-indebted consumers 31st Report published
7 April 2010 Scrutiny of value for money at the BBC 29th Report published
7 April 2010 Tackling problem drug use 30th Report published
1 April 2010 Adapting the Foreign and Commonwealth Office€™s global estate to the modern world 25th Report published
31st March 2010 Preparations for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games 28th Report published
30 March 2010 Progress in improving stroke care 26th Report published
29 March 2010 Ministry of Defence: treating injury and illness arising on military operations 27th Report published
25 March 2010 HM Revenue and Customs: Handling telephone enquiries 24th Report published
24 March 2010 The sale of the Government's interest in British Energy 22nd Report published
23 March 2010 Ministry of Defence: Major Projects Report 2009 23rd Report published
18th March 2010 The Decent Homes Programme 21st Report published
17 March 2010 Department for Work and Pensions: management of benefit overpayment debt 20th Report published
16 March 2010 Improving dementia services in England €“ an interim report 19th Report published
11 March 2010 Vehicle and Operator Services Agency: enforcement of regulations on commercial vehicles 18th Report published
10th March 2010 Regenerating the English coalfields 16th Report published
9th March 2010 Department for Business, Innovation and Skills: Venture capital support to small businesses 17th Report published
4 March 2010 Equality and Human Rights Commission 15th Report published
2 March 2010 Department of Transport: The failure of Metronet 14th Report published
25 February 2010 HM Revenue and Customs: Dealing with the tax obligations of older people 11th Report published
23 February 2010 Services for people with rheumatoid arthritis 10th Report published
9 February 2010 Maintaining financial stability across the United Kingdom's banking system 12th Report published
2 February 2010 The procurement of legal aid in England and Wales by the Legal Services Commission 9th Report published
28 January 2010 Young people's sexual health: The National Chlamydia Screening Programme 7th Report published
26 January 2010 Department for International Development: Aid to Malawi 8th Report published
21 January 2010 Train to Gain: Developing the skills of the workforce 6th Report published
12 January 2010 Promoting Participation with the Historic Environment 5th Report published
7th January 2010 Highways Agency: Contracting for Highways Maintenance 4th Report published
17 December 2009 Financial Management in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office 3rd Report published
16 December 2009 A second progress update on the administration of the Single Payment Scheme by the Rural Payments Agency 1st Report published
10 December 2009 HM Revenue and Customs: improving the processing and collection of tax: income tax, corporation tax, stamp duty land tax and tax credits 2nd Report published
12 November 2009 Oversight of the Post Office Network Change Programme 53rd Report published
10 November 2009 Reducing Healthcare Associated Infection in Hospitals in England 52nd report published
5 November 2009 National Offender Management Service: maintenance of the prison estate in England and Wales 51st Report published
3 November 2009 The National Offender Management Information System 40th Report published
29 October 2009 The Maritime and Coastguard Agency's response to the growth of the UK merchant fleet Publication of report
27 October 2009 Financial Management in the Home Office 46th Report published
22 October 2009 Work of the Committee of Public Accounts Letter from the Chairman to the Chancellor
22 October 2009 Improving road safety for pedestrians and cyclists in Great Britain 49th Report published
20 October 2009 Service Families Accommodation 41st Report published
15 October 2009 Supporting people with autism through adulthood 50th Report published
13 October 2009 Ministry of Defence: Support to High Intensity Operations 45th Report published
15 September 2009 Assessment of the Capability Review Programme 45th Report published
11 September 2009 Committee of Public Accounts: CM 7568 Committee of Public Accounts recommendations on public services are accepted by Government
10 September 2009 Learning and Innovation in Government 43rd Report published
8 September 2009 Supporting Carers to care 42nd Report published
30 July 2009 Reducing Alcohol Harm: health services in England for alcohol misuse 47th Report published
28 July 2009 Renewing the physical infrastructure of English further education colleges 48th Report published
24 July 2009 The Warm Front Scheme 39th Report published
21 July 2009 HMRC: The Control and Facilitation of Imports 38th Report published
16 July 2009 Building the Capacity of the Third Sector 37th Report published
14 July 2009 The health of livestock and honeybees in England 36th Report published
9 July 2009 The administration of the Crown Court 35th Report published
7 July 2009 DEFRA: Natural England€™s role in improving Sites of Special Scientific Interest 34th Report published
2 July 2009 Planning for Homes: Speeding up planning applications for major housing developments in England 33rd Report published
30 June 2009 Financial Management in the European Union 32nd Report published
25 June 2009 The Nationalisation of Northern Rock 31st Report published
23 June 2009 Ministry of Defence: Type 45 Destroyer 30th Report published
18 June 2009 NHS Pay Modernisation in England: Agenda for Change 29th report published
16 June 2009 Management of asylum applications 28th Report published
11 June 2009 Building Schools for the Future: renewing the secondary school estate 27th Report published
9 June 2009 Management of tax debt 26th Report published
4 June 2009 The efficiency of radio production at the BBC 25th Report published
2 June 2009 Maintaining the Occupied Royal Palaces 24th Report published