Joint Committee on the Draft Climate Change Bill

Press Notice 3 of Session 2006-07, 21 May 2007

Committee to Host Web Forum

From 23 May to 21 June, the Joint Committee on the Draft Climate Change Bill will be hosting a web forum as part of its inquiry into the draft Climate Change Bill.

The Committee sees the forum as an opportunity to consult interested parties on the role of local government in the drive to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change, in order that the Committee might make recommendations on the role, if any, that local authorities should play in the process. At present there is no mention in the draft Bill of local government action - and the forum will be an opportunity to investigate where there is a drive, either from councillors and local authorities themselves, or from the public, to include action at a local level in the draft Bill.

The forum asks questions of different stakeholders: of councillors and local government officials; and of members of the public.

Anyone who wishes to participate in the forum should go to:

As well as the web forum, the Committee would welcome submissions of written evidence from interested parties.

Written evidence

Written evidence should be submitted to the Joint Committee as soon as possible and by Friday 25 May at the latest. Given the limited time available for the submission of evidence and for the completion of the Committee's work, written evidence should be short and should concentrate on the major issues arising from the draft Bill.

Written evidence should contain, if appropriate, a brief introduction to the persons or organisations submitting it. Submissions should take the form of a memorandum and should have numbered paragraphs. An indicative length would be 1,000-1,200 words - memoranda which exceed five pages should be accompanied by a one-page summary.

The memorandum should be sent as in MS Word or rich text format, by e-mail to A single hard copy (single-sided, unbound) should also be sent to Frances Allingham, Scrutiny Unit, House of Commons, London SW1P 3JA. Fax 020 7219 8381. Submissions may be accompanied by background material (perhaps already published elsewhere) which would not be reprinted by the Joint Committee.

Note: please do not resubmit your response to the Government?s consultation of March 2007, or the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee?s inquiry on the draft Bill. If you wish to enclose either of these, please do so only as an appendix to your submission to this inquiry.

Once written evidence has been submitted it becomes the property of the Committee. Those who have submitted written evidence to the Joint Committee are welcome to publish their evidence themselves (for example, by placing it on their own website), provided that it is not published until after the Joint Committee has acknowledged receipt of the evidence and that it is made clear that the document was prepared as evidence to the Joint Committee. Written submissions from those giving oral evidence will be available at the relevant hearing. Written evidence from others will either be published by the Committee with its final Report or placed in the public domain when that Report is published. Individuals and organisations considering submitting information to the Committee that they would wish the Committee to treat as confidential should consult the Clerks in advance, initially by sending an e-mail to the address given above.

To follow the progress of the inquiry, you may visit:

Further information

1. Committee membership is as follows: Lord Puttnam (Chairman), Baroness Billingham, Earl of Caithness, Lord Crickhowell, Lord Jay of Ewelme, Lord May of Oxford, Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer, Earl of Selborne, Lord Teverson, Lord Vinson, Lord Whitty, Lord Woolmer of Leeds, Ms Celia Barlow MP, Mr David Chaytor MP, Helen Goodman MP, Nia Griffith MP, David Howarth MP, Mr Nick Hurd MP, Mr David Kidney MP, Mark Lazarowicz MP, Mr Graham Stuart MP, Dr Desmond Turner MP, Dr Alan Whitehead MP, Mr Tim Yeo MP.

2. For media inquiries please contact Laura Kibby. Tel 020 7219 0718; E-mail

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