Joint Committee on the Draft Climate Change Bill


The first meeting of the Committee was held on 25 April 2007, Lord Puttnam was appointed Chairman.

Baroness Billingham Labour
Earl of Caithness Conservative
Lord Crickhowell Conservative
Lord Jay of Ewelme Cross Bench
Lord May of Oxford Cross Bench
Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer Liberal Democrats
Lord Puttnam (Chairman) Labour
Earl of Selborne Conservative
Lord Teverson Liberal Democrats
Lord Vinson Conservative
Lord Whitty Labour
Lord Woolmer of Leeds Labour
Ms Celia Barlow HoveLabour
Mr David Chaytor Bury NorthLabour
Helen Goodman Bishop AucklandLabour
Nia Griffith LlanelliLabour
David Howarth CambridgeLiberal Democrats
Mr Nick Hurd Ruislip NorthwoodConservative
Mr David Kidney StaffordLabour
Mark Lazarowicz Edinburgh North and LeithLabour Co-op
Mr Graham Stuart Beverley and HoldernessConservative
Dr Desmond Turner Brighton KemptownLabour
Dr Alan Whitehead Southampton TestLabour
Mr Tim Yeo South SuffolkConservative