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The Supply of Rented Housing

Terms of reference:

The Committee has resolved to carry out an inquiry into the supply of private and social rented housing, with particular reference to the following issues:

• The level of public funding  required to meet social housing needs

• The relative funding priority being given to social rented housing as opposed to shared ownership and other forms of below market housing

• The geographical distribution of subsidies for affordable housing

• The future role for local authorities as builders and managers of social housing

• the effectiveness of different social housing models including traditional local authority housing, ALMOs, housing co-operatives and housing associations

• The role and effectiveness of private rented housing in meeting housing needs

• The priorities and effectiveness of the Housing Corporation, English Partnerships and the Regional Housing Boards in responding to housing needs

• The role and effectiveness of the planning system, including section 106 agreements in the provision of rented housing and securing mixed tenure housing developments

• The effectiveness of housing benefit as a means of providing access to rented housing to those in need.

• The impact of the operation of Council Tax Benefit on the affordability of rented housing

Written evidence:

The Supply of Rented Housing: Written Evidence, HC 47-II of Session 2006-07, published on 22 November 2006

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Oral evidence:

Monday 19 March 2007, HC 47-v

Witnesses: Professor John Hills, Director of the ESRC Research Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE), London School of Economics and author of the report, Ends and Means: The future roles of social housing in England.

Monday 5 February 2007, HC 47-iv

Witnesses: Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA); Mike Stimpson, A Private Sector Landlord; British Property Federation; National Housing Federation; Places for People;  Housing Corporation; English Partnerships

Monday 22 January 2007, HC 47-iii

Witnesses: Sheffield City Council/Sheffield Homes; Sunderland Housing Group; Hounslow Homes; National Federation of ALMOs; and Connaught plc

Monday 15 January 2007, HC 47-ii

Witnesses: Confederation of Co-operative Housing; Tenants’ and Residents’ Organisations of England (TAROE); National Federation of Tenant Management Organisations (NFTMO); Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council; Westminster City Council; and the North West Housing Forum

Tuesday 12 December 2006, HC 47-i

Witnesses: Shelter, Joseph Rowntree Foundation and DCLG officials

Press notices:

12/4/2007    Seventh oral evidence session

11/4/2007    Sixth oral evidence session

14/3/2007    Fifth oral evidence session

1/2/2007    Fourth oral evidence session

16/1/2007    Third oral evidence session

10/1/2007    Second oral evidence session

5/12/2006    First oral evidence session

20/6/2006    Call for evidence