Communities and Local Government Committee: Press Notice

Session 2006-07 27 March 2007

Refuse Collection

Inquiry Announcement and Call for Evidence: Deadline 8th May 2007

The Communities and Local Government Select Committee has resolved to conduct an inquiry into refuse collection.

The inquiry will include consideration of the following matters:

• The ways in which local authorities collect and measure waste. Topics which may be considered within this include:

o Collection methods: the contribution made to waste minimisation by the timing, frequency and type of collection in both urban and rural areas and in areas characterised by differing housing types, such as flats.

o Joint working, cost sharing and the potential for co-operation between waste collection authorities.

• The contribution collection methods may make towards waste minimisation, effective recycling and the reduction of waste going to landfill and incineration. Topics which may be considered within this include:

o Information programmes: how the Department of Communities and Local Government and local authorities can contribute to reducing the amount of waste reaching collection through providing information to households, consumers and producers.

oTechnology: the contribution of collection technologies to waste minimisation, reduction and setting.

• How decisions taken by local authorities about collection/ disposal methods aid or constrain future collection methods and minimisation. Topics which may be considered within this include:

o Planning for future sorting, collection and disposal facilities.

• Financing. Topics which may be considered within this include:

o the funding of waste collection, including the implications of variable charging for waste collection.

o Comparative evidence of how charging affects the minimisation behaviour of businesses who pay for removal of commercial waste.

The Committee invites submissions on these and related issues from interested organisations and individuals.  Written evidence should be submitted by Tuesday 8th May 2007.  A brief guidance note on the submission of evidence is available on the Committee’s web pages: or can be obtained from Committee secretariat (, tel: 020 7219 1353).   Those preparing evidence may wish to pay particular attention to the sections regarding the status and potential publication of  their submission.  Witnesses who wish their submission to be treated confidentially should contact the Clerk of the Committee in advance.

Contact: David Weir, Second Clerk, tel: 0207 219 3290, email:

Notes for Editors

1. The Communities and Local Government Committee consists of eleven Members of Parliament (6 Labour, 3 Conservative and 2 Liberal Democrat). It is appointed by the House of Commons to examine the expenditure, administration and policy of the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and its associated bodies. 

2. The Committee’s current membership is: Dr Phyllis Starkey MP (Chair, Lab), Sir Paul Beresford MP (Con), Mr Clive Betts MP (Lab), John Cummings MP (Lab), Martin Horwood MP (Lib Dem), Mr Greg Hands MP (Con), Anne Main MP (Con), Mr Bill Olner MP (Lab), Dr John Pugh MP (Lib Dem), Emily Thornberry MP (Lab), and David Wright MP (Lab).

3. Further information on the work of the Committee, its role and current inquiries can be found on its webpages at or by telephoning 020 7219 1353