Communities and Local Government Committee: Press Notice


WEDNESDAY 12 JULY 2006 00.01AM


The  Communities and Local Government Committee will be publishing its Fourth Report of Session 2005-06 on The Fire and Rescue Service on Wednesday 12 July at 00.01am

Advanced copies of the Report will be available on Monday 10 July in the Press Gallery at 11.00am, and to other media from the Committee Office, 7 Millbank, London SW1P 3JA.

The text of the Report will be available on the Committee’s website on the day of publication. Alternatively, copies may be purchased from The Stationery Office (tel: 0870 242 2345).

If you would like a copy of any House of Commons publications, and did not submit written or oral evidence to the relevant inquiry, you may purchase them from The Stationery Office, or access them via the Committee homepage on the internet:

Contact Committee Secretariat on 020 7219 4972

Notes for editors:

1. On 27th June 2006, by Order of the House, the ODPM Committee was succeeded by the Communities and Local Government Committee. All proceedings of the former Committee, including its three Reports in the current session of Parliament, were deemed to be proceedings of the latter Committee.

2. Media inquiries should be directed to Laura Kibby, Select Committee Media Officer: Tel: 0207 219 0718/ Mobile: 07917488557 / e-mail: