Catering Press Notice 1

Catering Committee

Press Notice No. 1 of Session 2001-02, dated 8 February 2002

House of Commons refreshment facilities:
balancing demand and capacity

The Catering Committee will hold an inquiry to look at the growing pressure on refreshment facilities in many parts of the House of Commons. In particular, the Committee will:

ask the Refreshment Department to measure and report on current levels of demand in House of Commons cafeterias, dining rooms and bars assess current capacity to meet that demand and identify "pressure points"; and explore different options for dealing with demand, including possible changes to the current code for access rights and pricing mechanisms.

The Committee invites evidence from all those who use House of Commons refreshment facilities, either individually or through representative bodies, including Members and their staff, Peers and their staff, staff of the two Houses, the press and international parliamentary bodies with branches at Westminster.

Submissions should be sent either in writing or by e-mail to Kenneth Fox, Clerk of the Committee, at the address at the top of this Notice by Friday 22 March. Details of oral evidence sessions will be announced in due course.

Enquiries about the work of the Committee:

Catering Committee,
House of Commons,
London SW1A 0AA

Telephone: 020-7219 3299