Business & Enterprise Committee

9 July 2009 (PN 52)

Business & Enterprise Committee to inquire into the motor sport and aerospace industries

Announcement of Inquiry

The Business and Enterprise Committee has announced its intention to carry out an inquiry into the motor sport and aerospace industries in the UK. The inquiry will look at the role of these sectors in the wider economy, access the effects of the recession on these two industries during the recession, and examine the effectiveness of government policies in supporting these two industries. Exploring the role universities play in supporting these industries and how their excellence in aeronautical and automotive engineering can be maintained will form a key part of this inquiry.

Topics the Committee will consider include:

• The effectiveness of government policies in supporting these sectors.

• How to maintain the UK’s excellence in academic research in aeronautical and automotive engineering, and related disciplines, and how to extend relationships between universities and business still further.

• The impact of the recession on Motor Sport and Aerospace industries.

• The role of SMEs in the supply chain supporting these two sectors.

• What barriers are there to further innovation in these sectors and what can be done to overcome them?

• What steps can be taken to encourage the application of technology development in both sectors to create new designs, products and process in other industries?

• How successful existing initiatives such as the Aerospace Innovation Networks and Aerospace Technology Validation Programmes have been in transforming new concepts into marketable technology.

• Any other views stakeholders think the Committee should be aware of.

Written evidence on the motor sport and aerospace industries should be sent to the Committee before 21 September 2009. These should be sent, as an MS Word document, of no more than eight pages, by e-mail to with a single hard copy sent to the Clerk of the Committee at the address above. 

Once submitted evidence is the property of the Committee and should not be published without the Committee’s consent. The Committee will usually publish evidence it receives, both in printed form and on the Internet. If you wish your evidence to remain confidential, please contact the Committee staff. Before submitting evidence, please read the guide to submission of written evidence at: