The Committees on Arms Export Controls (formerly the Quadripartite Committee)

Press Notice 02: Evidence Session

21 February 2007

For immediate release

Attn: News Desks
Political, Foreign, Defence, Trade Correspondents


Members from four influential select committees will gather together on Thursday, 1 March to take evidence at two sessions on the Government’s policy on the export of arms and the enforcement of export controls. The Department for International Development will give evidence at the first session at 1415hrs. HM Revenue and Customs and the Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office will give evidence at the second which starts around 1515hrs.

These will be the second witnesses to give evidence to the committees’ new inquiry into strategic export controls and the operation of the Export Control Act 2002.

Quad Chairman Roger Berry MP, who also sits on the Trade and Industry Select Committee, said:

“The Committee is looking forward to taking evidence for the first time from the Department for International Development, which has a role in scrutinising exports to developing countries.

“The Committee is also taking evidence from officials in the Revenue and Customs departments. Revenue and Customs is on the front line in policing the Government’s policy on the export of arms. This is and excellent opportunity for members of four key committees to scrutinize Customs’ track record on preventing weaponry and other potentially dangerous goods and technologies falling into the wrong hands.”

The witnesses

Department for International Development: Thursday, 1 March at 1415 in Committee Room 16, Palace of Westminster

Mr Gareth Thomas MP

Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State

Mr Kenny Dick    

Deputy Head (Security and Justice) of Conflict, Humanitarian and Security Department (CHASE), DFID

Kate Joseph  


HM Revenue and Customs and Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office: Thursday, 1 March at 1515 in Committee Room 16, Palace of Westminster

Mr Mark Fuchter

Head of Prohibitions and Restrictions Group, HM Revenue and  Customs

Mr Guy Westhead

Deputy Director of Frontiers and International Directorate, HM Revenue and Customs

Mr David Green Q.C.

Director, Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office

Mr David Richardson

Head of Division, Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office

Ms Helen Wolkind

Senior Lawyer, Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office

        Notes for Editors:

  1. Follow committees and parliamentary debates online:
  2. Committee website:
  3. The Quadripartite Committee consists of four Committees which meet together to consider the control of strategic exports, including weapons. The Committees involved are: Defence, Foreign Affairs, International Development and Trade and Industry. The Chairman for these meetings is Roger Berry MP, who is a member of the Trade and Industry Committee.
  4. The Committee’s main job is to review Government policy on licensing arms exports and licensing decisions.  Each year the Government produces an annual report on Strategic Export Controls which the Committee scrutinizes.
  5. News Release: Quadripartite Committee - No. 2.
  6. For further information contact Alex Paterson, Media Officer, on 020 7219 1589.