The Committees on Arms Export Controls (formerly the Quadripartite Committee)

1 November 2006

New inquiry: Review of export control legislation

The Commons Quadripartite Committee set up to examine strategic export controls - that is UK arms and weapons exports - has today launched in inquiry into the operation of the Export Control Act 2002 and the orders made under the Act.

The inquiry will consider the effects of the legislation and whether the Act has delivered the Government's aims and objectives and, if so, how effectively. The Committee invites interested organisations and individuals to submit written evidence by 3pm on Friday 24 November 2006.

Quadripartite Committee Chair, Roger Berry MP, who also sits on the Trade and Industry Select Committee, said:

"The Export Control Act of 2002 was the product of very careful consideration by the Government and Parliament. It is crucial for this country that it is operating effectively as it is intended to stop arms and weapons technologies falling into the wrong hands while not placing unreasonable burdens on legitimate and responsible exporters.

"This inquiry will give all those with an interest in the operation of the Act of 2002 - from defence exporters and brokers to non-governmental organisations who work in the developing world - to have their say on the operation of the legislation.

"The Committee wants to hear especially from those who are affected by the legislation in the course of their work and from those who expressed views when the legislation was before Parliament in 2001 and 2002."

To assist those who wish to submit evidence the Committee is setting out detailed guidance in a separate Press Notice (no. 9) available on the Committee's website:


  1. The Quadripartite Committee consists of four Committees that meet together to consider the control of strategic exports, including weapons. The Committees involved are: Defence, Foreign Affairs, International Development and Trade and Industry. The Chairman for these meetings is Roger Berry MP, who is a member of the Trade and Industry Committee.
  2. The Committee's main job is to review Government policy on licensing arms exports and licensing decisions. Each year the Government produces an annual report on Strategic export Controls which the Committee scrutinizes.
  3. Membership of the Committee:
    Members from the Trade and Industry Committee: Roger Berry MP (Labour); Mr Lindsay Hoyle MP (Labour); Peter Luff MP (Conservative); Judy Mallaber MP (Labour).
    Members from the Defence Committee: Mr David S Borrow MP (Labour); Mr David Crausby MP (Labour); Linda Gilroy (Labour); Robert Key MP (Conservative).
    Members from the Foreign Affairs Committee: Mike Gapes MP (Labour); Mr Fabian Hamilton MP (Labour); Mr Paul Keetch MP (Liberal Democrats); Rt Hon Sir John Stanley MP (Conservative).
    Members from the International Development Committee: Malcolm Bruce MP (Liberal Democrats); John Barrett MP (Liberal Democrats); John Bercow MP (Conservative); Richard Burden MP (Labour).
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