Select Committee on the Armed Forces Bill: Formal Minutes

Wednesday 1 February 2006

Members Present:

Mr George Howarth in the Chair
Vera Baird
Mr Colin Breed
Mr Simon Burns
Mr David Burrowes
Ben Chapman
Mr Gerald Howarth
Mr Kevan Jones
Robert Key
Bob Russell
Mr Don Touhig

1. Declaration of Interests

Mr Breed disclosed his interests pursuant to the resolution of the House of 13 July 1992. For details of the declarations see the Annex.

2. Future Programme

The Committee considered this matter.

3. Oral Evidence

Mr Gilbert Blades, Mr Justin Hugheston-Roberts, Mr James Mason and Mr Geoffrey Salvetti, Association of Military Court Advocates; Commodore Paul Branscombe and Mrs Kate Burgess, SSAFA (Forces Help), Mrs Morag Antrobus and Mrs Denise Murphy (WRVS), and Padre Roland Olliff, Senior Chaplain, Army Training Regiment, Pirbright gave evidence.

[Adjourned till Thursday 9 February at half-past Nine o'clock


Delaration of Interests

BREED, Colin (Cornwall South East)

2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Lay Associate Member of General Medical Council. I receive expenses relating to meetings and work undertaken in that role. (Up to £5,000)