Sir Alec Douglas Home joins display of Prime Ministers outside the House of Commons Debating Chamber

The Rt. Hon. The Lord Home of the Hirsel, Kt

Reproduced by Courtesy of Angela Conner

A bronze portrait bust of Sir Alec Douglas Home (The Rt. Hon. The Lord Home of the Hirsel, Kt.) by the celebrated sculptor Angela Conner FRBS is the latest new acquisition for the House of Commons Collection. It joins the display in Members' Lobby, which in recent years has become an area reserved for Prime Ministers of the 20th Century. Angela Conner's work divides between on the one hand her contemporary abstract pieces for architectural settings, and on the other well-observed portrait heads, of which this is a particularly striking example. Past sitters have included Harold Macmillan, Sir John Betjeman and more recently Her Majesty the Queen.

Members' Lobby formed part of the post-Second World War re-building of the House of Commons by architect Giles Gilbert Scott, after the Victorian Chamber was destroyed by enemy bombing in 1941. The architect provided stone plinths and niches for statues and busts in the new Lobby of the 1950s, with the imposing statue of Sir Winston Churchill by Oscar Nemon being given pride of place outside the doors to the Chamber. Scott's other architectural commissions included the former power stations at Battersea and Bankside (now Tate Modern) and the classic red telephone box.

Over the years the initiative of the Advisory Committee on Works of Art in the Commons has led to images of many 20th century Prime Ministers being added to the display in the Lobby. However there are still some gaps to fill.

Hugo Swire MP, Chairman of the Works of Art Committee, has highlighted the issue:

"While we have plans to fill some of the more recent gaps in the collection, we are struggling to find suitable sources for some of the earlier Prime Ministers who are not represented yet in the Lobby, notably the Canadian born Andrew Bonar Law (PM 1922-3) and Neville Chamberlain (PM 1937-40), and Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman (PM 1905-08). We would very much welcome the public's help in trying to locate suitable busts or statues which could form the basis of a new commission".

Members Lobby

1. The other sculptures in the Lobby are:

Statues and busts clockwise from the left of the door into the Chamber are:

Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1964), Prime Minister 1940-45 1951-55

Sculpted by Oscar Nemon and cast by the Morris Singer Foundry, 1969, bronze

David Lloyd George (1863-1945), Prime Minister 1916-22

Sculpted by Uli Nimptsch, 1963, bronze

Benjamin Disraeli (1804-81), Prime Minister 1868 1874-80

Sculpted by Count Gleichen, 1883, marble

Bust of Ramsay MacDonald (1866-1937), Prime Minister 1924, 1929-1935

Sculpted by Jacob Epstein, 1934, bronze

Bust of Harold Macmillan (1894-1986), Prime Minister 1957-63

Sculpted by Oscar Nemon, bronze

Bust of Stanley Baldwin (1867-1947), Prime Minister, 1923, 1924-9 and 1935-7

Sculpted by Newbury A. Trent, 1927, bronze - on loan to Palace of Westminster

Clement Attlee (1883-1967), Prime Minister 1945-51

Sculpted by Ivor Roberts-Jones, 1979, bronze

Sir Anthony Eden (1897-1977), Prime Minister 1955-1957

Sculpted by Roy Noakes, 1994, bronze

Bust of Harold Wilson (1916-1995), Prime Minister 1964-70 and 1974-6

Sculpted by Ian Walters, bronze

Bust of Sir Edward Heath (born 1916) Prime Minister 1970-74

Sculpted by Martin Jennings, 1993, bronze

Bust of James Callaghan (born 1912), Prime Minister 1976-79

Sculpted by Ian Walters, bronze

Arthur Balfour (1848-1930), Prime Minister 1902-5,

Sculpted by David McFall, 1962, Larrys Roche stone

Herbert Henry Asquith (1852-1928), Prime Minister 1908-1916

Sculpted by Leonard Merrifield (1939-43) and completed by Gilbert Bayes, 1948, marble