Parliamentary Question from Norman Baker MP

To ask the honourable Member for North Devon, representing the House of Commons Commission, which works of art were (a) acquired and (b) bought by the House authorities in 2006; and how much was paid for each item. (115131)

The following works of art were acquired by the House of Commons Collection in 2006, either by gift, loan or purchase made by the Advisory Committee on Works of Art:

Works of Art given to the House of Commons in 2006

History is now and England (view of the House of Commons Library); painted by Vincent Keter

[Catalogue reference WOA 6486]

Portrait of Arthur Wellesley Peel; painted by William Ewart Lockhart

[Catalogue reference WOA 6550]

Works of Art loaned to the House of Commons in 2006

Portrait of 1st Earl of Chatham; painted by William Hoare

[Catalogue reference WOA L796]

Portrait of Lord Wilson of Rievaulx painted by Ruskin Spear

[Catalogue reference WOA L797]

The House of Commons, 1965; painted by Gerald Scarfe

[Catalogue reference WOA L798]

Caricature of Sir Winston Churchill's last day in the Commons Chamber; drawn by Gerald Scarfe

[Catalogue reference WOA L799]

Portrait of Frederick North, 2nd Earl of Guilford; painted by Nathaniel Dance

[Catalogue reference WOA L800]

Portrait of William Petty, 1st Marquess of Lansdowne; painted after Sir Joshua Reynolds

[Catalogue reference WOA L801]

Portrait of William Wyndham Grenville, 1st Baron Grenville; painted by Gainsborough Dupont

[Catalogue reference WOA L802]

Portrait of Rt. Hon David Cameron MP; painted by Anne McIntosh

[Catalogue reference WOA L804]

Works of Art purchased by the House of Commons in 2006

Portrait of Lord Wilson of Rievaulx; drawn by Juliet Pannett

Purchased for £494

[Catalogue reference WOA 6476]

Portrait of Earl Attlee; drawn by Juliet Pannett

Purchased for £741

[Catalogue reference WOA 6477]

Coming Home to Roost (Original pen and ink artwork for a cartoon); drawn by John Philip Stafford

Purchased for £34.30

[Catalogue reference WOA 6481]

Portrait of Lord John Russell at the Despatch Box, 1843; watercolour painted by D Carrick

Purchased for £600

[Catalogue reference WOA 6482]

Parliament from the Flying Eye; painted by Richard Colson Purchased for £4,000

[Catalogue reference WOA 6484]

Westminster Palace from Lambeth; painted by Richard Colson


[Catalogue reference WOA 6485]

Portrait of the Earl of Avon; drawn by Frank O. Salisbury

Purchased for £1,320

[Catalogue reference WOA 6487]

Photographs of Rt. Hon Jack Straw MP, Rt. Hon John Reid MP, Rt. Hon Charles Clarke MP, Rt Hon Geoffrey Hoon MP and Rt. Hon Harriet Harman MP, part of 'Heads of Government' series; photographed by David Partner

Purchased for £1,468.75

[Catalogue references WOA 6495 to 6499]

Portrait of Earl Attlee; drawn by Juliet Pannett

Purchased for £400

[Catalogue reference WOA 6500]

Preliminary pen and ink sketch of Lord Rowton with a pencil sketch of William Gladstone on the reverse; drawn by Spy (Lesley Ward)

Purchased for £250

[Catalogue reference WOA 6501]

Views of the Clock Tower and Victoria Tower, supplements to the Illustrated London News, 1860s

Chromolithographic prints; printed by an unknown engraver

Purchased for £8.74

[Catalogue references WOA 6502 to 6503]

View of Chevening; painted by Marcus May

(The cost of this commission is commercially confidential)

[Catalogue reference WOA 6504]

Rug from a design by AWN Pugin with VR monogram, Hand-knotted wool; unknown manufacturer

Purchased jointly with the Speaker's Art Fund for £32,100

[Catalogue reference WOA T45]

Portrait bust in bronze of Lord Home of the Hirsel; sculpted by Angela Conner

(The cost of this commission is commercially confidential)

[Catalogue reference WOA S528]

Portrait photographs of Baroness Castle of Blackburn, Lord Parkinson, Rt. Hon Clare Short MP, Lord Alton of Liverpool, Lord Owen, Lord Steel of Aikwood, Lord Healey, Rt. Hon Donald Dewar, Baron Boyle of Handsworth, Rt. Hon Sir Edward Heath (two photographs), Enoch Powell, Rt. Hon Frank Dobson MP, Rt. Hon Sir Gerald Kaufman MP, Mrs Gwyneth Dunwoody MP, Lord Wilson of Rievaulx (two photographs), Rt. Hon Hugh Gaitskell, Rt. Hon Aneurin Bevan, Lord Callaghan, Lord Archer of Weston-super-mare, Baroness Lee of Asheridge, John Smith, Jonathan Aitken, Rt. Hon Kenneth Clarke MP, Rt. Hon Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP, Lord Shinwell, Baroness Thatcher, Lord Heseltine, Rt. Hon Dr Marjorie Mowlam, Lord Kinnock, Lord Fowler, Rt. Hon Reginald Maudling, Rt. Hon Robin Cook, Lord Hattersley, Lord Jenkins of Hillhead, Baroness Williams of Crosby, Baron Joseph, Viscount Tonypandy, Baron Selwyn Lloyd, Tam Dalyell, Tim Eggar, Rt. Hon Tony Benn and Rt. Hon Tony Blair MP; photographed by Jane Bown

Purchased for £6,450

[Catalogue references WOA 6505 to 6547]

Portrait of Rt. Hon James Ramsay Macdonald; drawn by Harold Storey

Purchased for £48.23

[Catalogue reference WOA 6548]

Portrait of Speaker William Bromley; painting attributed to Michael Dahl

Purchased for £2,000

[Catalogue reference WOA 6549]