The Leader’s Group on the Working Practices of the House of Lords was established on 27 July 2010 by Lord Strathclyde, the Leader of the House of Lords.

Its remit is:

'to consider the working practices of the House and the operation of self-regulation; and to make recommendations.'

The Group, which has 12 Members, is chaired by Lord Goodlad.

The Group’s recommendations will include issues of procedure, and how the House conducts the scrutiny of legislation, holds the executive to account, and conducts debates and inquiries.

Topics being considered include:

  • the procedures for scrutinising legislation – including secondary legislation
  • Grand Committees
  • select committees
  • self-regulation
  • the conduct of debates and other business
  • business management and scheduling
  • the manner of tabling business
  • cooperation between the two Houses of Parliament.

Other topics may also be considered.