Leader's Group on Governance - Role

The Leader's Group on Governance was appointed to consider governance arrangements in the House of Lords.

The Group's remit

The full terms of reference were set out in a written ministerial statement by the Leader of the House, as follows:

"The group will consider how to ensure that domestic committee decision-making in the House of Lords is effective, transparent and accountable. In particular, it will examine domestic committee decision-making structures, including which decisions go to which committee, or are referred between committees, and which decisions are remitted to the House; and consider what arrangements are necessary to uphold the interests of the House of Lords as an equal partner when making decisions alongside, or sharing services with, the House of Commons."


The Group is chaired by Baroness Shephard of Northwold and has 6 members.

Formation timeline

On 23 March 2015 the Group was appointed by the Leader of the House. The Group is expected to report to the Leader by the Christmas recess.

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