Strategic Export Controls - Publication of Report

01 April 2011

The Committees on Arms Export Controls will publish its Report: Scrutiny of Arms Export Controls (2011): UK Strategic Export Controls Annual report 2009, Quarterly Reports for 2010, licensing policy and review of export control legislation at 10.00am on Tuesday 5 April as the First Joint Report from the Committee, Session 2010-11 (HC 686)

Copies of the Report can be ordered from The Stationery Office (Tel: 0845 702 3474) or from the Parliamentary Bookshop (Tel: 020 7219 3890). It can also be viewed on our website from the day of publication at: http://www.parliament.uk/caec Additionally, from 10.00 am on Monday 4 April, the Report will be available for collection by Government Departments, witnesses and the press from the Reception Desk at 7 Millbank, London, SW1P 3JA and from the Press Gallery.

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