Questions to Government on arms export licence decisions

22 October 2012

As part of its scrutiny of the Government’s arms export controls, the Committees on Arms Export Controls (CAEC) analyse the information about arms export licence decisions made available by the Government quarterly.

The Government’s quarterly reports are made in two sections. Section A is public material published on the website of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. Section B is restricted material provided to the Committees on Arms Export Controls.

The Committees questions, quarter by quarter, relating to public material, together with the Government’s quarter by quarter answers, were published in full in the Committees’ latest Report (HC 419-I) (PDF 3.82 MB) at Annex 1 for the period July 2010 to September 2011.

The Committees are today publishing their questions relating to the Section A public material for the first Quarter of 2012 (PDF PDF 30 KB). The Committees have sent their questions relating to the Section B restricted material for this Quarter to the Government separately.

Chairmans Comments

The Chairman of the Committees, Sir John Stanley, said:

"The Committees are continuing their present practice of making public as early as possible their questions on the Government’s quarter by quarter information on its arms export licence decisions which the Government makes public. With regard to the January-March 2012 Quarter, which is the period covered by the Committees’ latest questions, the Committees have raised questions on the Government’s arms export licence decisions relating to Argentina, Bahrain, Burma, China, Egypt, Hong Kong, Israel, Libya, Russia, Sri Lanka and Syria amongst other countries."

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