Correspondence relating to Arms Trade Treaty

22 October 2012

The Chairman of the Committees on Arms Export Controls, Sir John Stanley, wrote to the Foreign Secretary, on 20 August (PDF PDF 1.32 MB) requesting answers to questions the Committees raised in relation to the recent Arms Trade Treaty negotiations held at the United Nations in New York. The Government’s reply is contained in the letter from the Foreign Secretary to the Chairman dated 29 August (PDF PDF 269 KB).

Chairmans Comments

The Chairman of the Committees, Sir John Stanley, said:

"The Committees’ 15 searching questions on the unsuccessful Arms Trade Treaty negotiations in New York in July have produced some important new information from the British Government. However, the Government’s answers also raised further questions as to why the July negotiations failed and what is now the way forward. These questions were put to the FCO Minister, Alistair Burt, in a further oral evidence session solely on the Arms Trade Treaty that the Committees held on September 10. The Committees will be continuing to scrutinise the Government’s role and performance in the important Arms Trade Treaty negotiations very closely."

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