Evidence from NGO's and Export Group for Aerospace

25 November 2011

On Monday 12 December the Committees on Arms Export Controls will hold its first evidence session on Strategic Export Controls.

The inquiry is examining the Government's 2010 Annual Report on Strategic Export Controls and the 2010 (and in part) 2011 Quaterly reports, the Government's review of arms exports to North Africa and the Middle East, and wider arms control issues.


Monday 12 December

At 3.45pm

  • Roy Ibister, Team leader, Small Arms and Transfer Controls, Saferworld
  • Oliver Sprague, Programme Director, Military Security and Police, Amnesty International UK
  • Martin Butcher, Policy Advisor, Arms Campaign, Oxfam GB

 At 4.45pm (approx)

  • David Hayes (Chairman of EGAD), David Hayes Export Controls
  • Bernadette Peers, Compliance Manager, Strategic Shipping Company Ltd
  • Brinley Salzmann (Secretary of EGAD), ADS Goup Ltd
  • Barry Fletcher (Executive Committee Member of EGAD), Fletcher International Export Consultancy

Image: PA

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