Membership - Committees on Arms Export Controls

Four select committees participate in the Committees on Arms Export Controls (CAEC):

Any Member of the four Committees can attend CAEC meetings, but each Committee has nominated Members to routinely attend CAEC meetings. These are:

Member Party
Graham P Jones (Chair) Labour
Ann Clwyd Labour
Leo Docherty Conservative
Mr Nigel Evans Conservative
Mr Marcus Fysh Conservative
Mr Ranil Jayawardena Conservative
Mrs Pauline Latham Conservative
Chris Law Scottish National Party
Emma Little Pengelly Democratic Unionist Party
Priti Patel Conservative
Faisal Rashid Labour
Gavin Robinson Democratic Unionist Party
Lloyd Russell-Moyle Labour (Co-op)
Mr Bob Seely Conservative
Henry Smith Conservative
Stephen Twigg Labour (Co-op)
Catherine West Labour