Lords to quiz representatives of London Stock Exchange

09 January 2013

In the penultimate session of their inquiry, the Committee will hear from AIM, the Better Regulation Executive, the Government's SME envoy, and trade officials from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills

The Committee will first hear evidence on sources of finance for SME exporters from

  • Marcus Stuttard, Head of AIM at the LSE, and
  • Tim Hames, Deputy Chief Executive of the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVCA). This session will focus on how and where SMEs can secure investment and capital to develop their export activities at a time when banks seem reluctant to lend to small businesses.

The Committee’s focus will then move on to how regulation affects SME exporters with two sessions covering both domestic regulation of SMEs and trade negotiations involving the regulatory regimes of importing countries. The Committee will hear first from

  • Adam Jackson , Director, BIS Enterprise Directorate and SME Envoy, and
  • Graham Turnock, Chief Executive of the Better Regulation Executive.

This will be followed by evidence from

  • Michael Williams and Eamon Cassidy, Deputy Directors, Trade Policy Unit, and
  • Christopher Parish, Acting Head, and
  • Christopher Chew, Head of Policy at the Export Control Organisation.

The evidence sessions will start at 10.10 am on Thursday 10 January in Committee Room 2 of the House of Lords.

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