Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee - publications 2012-13

This page contains the reports published by the Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee in the Parliamentary Session 2012 - 2013.

Committee reports from previous sessions, under the name of the Merits of Statutory Instruments Committee, are available via the link below, sorted by Parliamentary Session. The last report in each session contains an overview of the Committee's work for that period:

Reports and publications from previous sessions

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    A Session is a parliamentary year. Following the 2011 Fixed-term Parliament Act Sessions typically begin in May and run for 12 months.

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    Select committees conduct inquiries and produce reports on a range of matters, from the conduct of Government to specialist subject areas.

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    • Reports and associated evidence - reports and evidence featuring written submissions and corrected oral evidence published at the conclusion of Committee inquiries. Evidence is periodically updated over the course of an inquiry and is not finalised until the relevant Report is published.
    • Uncorrected oral evidence - transcripts of oral evidence not yet approved by the Committee or witnesses.
    • Other oral evidence - corrected transcripts of oral evidence, usually taken for scrutiny purposes or for ad hoc/regular evidence sessions with Ministers.
    • Evidence - written submissions and corrected oral evidence published for scrutiny purposes or for ad hoc/regular evidence sessions with Ministers.
    • Responses to Reports - Government Department and European Commission responses to reports.
    • Call for Evidence - request to submit evidence to a Committee inquiry.
    • Correspondence - correspondence received and sent by the Committee excluding ministerial correspondence.
    • Correspondence with Ministers - Ministerial correspondence received and sent by the Committee.
    • Progress of Scrutiny - records the decisions taken by the EU Committee on European documents that have been deposited in Parliament for scrutiny.

Reports and associated evidence

Evidence & Correspondence

Links to Evidence and Correspondence not contained within our Reports are posted below.

Session 2012-13

35th Report

Draft Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 (Amendment) (England and Wales) Order 2013

Submission from Unlock (PDF PDF 339 KB)

Government response to submission from Unlock (PDF PDF 59 KB)


33rd Report

National Health Service (Procurement, Patient Choice and Competition) (No. 2) Regulations 2013 (SI 2013/500)

List of all written submissions (PDF PDF 253 KB)


30th Report

National Health Service (Procurement, Patient Choice and Competition) Regulations 2013 (SI 2013/257)

List of all written submissions (PDF PDF 1.1 MB)


24th Report

Draft Universal Credit Regulations and 5 associated instruments


Disability Benefits Consortium (PDF PDF 137 KB)

Gingerbread (PDF PDF 157 KB)

Mencap (PDF PDF 26 KB)



23rd Report

Draft Social Security (Personal Independence Payment) Regulations 2013

MS Society (PDF PDF 68 KB)


Spartacus Network (PDF PDF 1.2 MB)


NHS Bodies and Local Authorities (Partnership Arrangements, Care Trusts, Public Health and Local Healthwatch) Regulations 2012 (SI 2012/3094)

Health Link (PDF PDF 50 KB)

National Association of LINks (PDF PDF 195 KB)

Rutland LINk (PDF PDF 33 KB)


22nd Report

Inquiry: The Government's New Approach to Consultation

Written Evidence submitted to the Committee (PDF PDF 1.01 MB)

Uncorrected Oral Transcript of session with Oliver Letwin 12 December 2012 (PDF PDF 112 KB)


14th Report

Draft Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 Amendment Regulations 2012

Submission from the National Anti-Vivisection Society (PDF PDF 318 KB)

Submission from Animal Aid (PDF PDF 20 KB)

Supplementary Note on the transposition of EU Directive 2010/63/EU (PDF PDF 30 KB)


10th Report

Draft Benefit Cap (Housing Benefit) Regulations 2012

Submission from Shelter (PDF PDF 43 KB)


9th Report

Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules (Cm 8423)

Submission from Gary Burgess (PDF PDF 19 KB)


8th Report

Draft Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme 2012

Submission from the Communication Workers Union (CWU) (PDF PDF 40 KB)

Submission from the Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (USDAW) (PDF PDF 39 KB)

Supplementary submission from USDAW (PDF PDF 31 KB) 


7th Report:

Draft Online Infringement of Copyright (Initial OBligations) (Sharing of Costs) Order 2012

Submission from Consumer Focus (PDF PDF 4.53 MB)

Submission from Copyright for Knowledge (PDF PDF 374 KB)

Submission from Taxpayers' Alliance (PDF PDF 176 KB)

Submission from Which? (PDF PDF 276 KB)

Health and Safety (Fees) Regulations 2012 (SI 2012/1652)

Submission from the Chemical Business Association (PDF PDF 99 KB)

Submission from the Forum of Private Business (PDF PDF 389 KB)

Submission from the National Farmers Union (PDF PDF 61 KB)


6th Report:

Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules (HC194)

Submission from Liberty (PDF PDF 1.14 MB)


1st Report:

Draft Inland Waterways Advisory Council (Abolition) Order 2012

Draft British Waterways Board (Transfer of Functions) Order 2012

Corrected Transcript of Merits Committee oral evidence session held April 24th 2012 (PDF PDF 149 KB)

Submission from Anand Patil (PDF PDF 16 KB)

Submission from Carol Y Krebs (PDF PDF 82 KB)

Submission from National Bargee Travellers' Association (PDF PDF 86 KB)

Supplementary from National Bargee Travellers' Association 



Merits Committee Session 2010-12

Revised oral transcript of evidence taken on April 24th 2012:

Revised Oral transcript from April 24th