Writing to us about an instrument

Instruments to be considered

The instruments the Committee will be considering at its next meeting can be found here.

 If you want to write to the Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee we have prepared guidance explaining what we would find most useful and the appropriate format

Guidance for the public

Guidance for the public - we particularly welcome comments on SIs and from the public or interest groups that help us understand how an instrument will work in practice.

Guidance for government departments

Guidance for departments on statutory instruments (PDF PDF 243 KB) - information on how the Committee scrutinises statutory instruments and what it is looking for in an effective Explanatory Memorandum.

Guidance for departments on proposed negatives - information on the sifting process and how the Committee scrutinises proposed negatives.

Accessing the work of the Committee

Further information on the work of the Committee can be found in our 45th Report.

Further information

  • The term “SI” is used throughout this guidance for convenience, but the SLSC examines almost every instrument subject to parliamentary procedure, whether or not a statutory instrument. This includes most statutory codes of practice, orders, regulations, rules and some statutory guidance. There are some minor exceptions set out in the terms of reference, where another, more specialised, Committee considers the instrument, for example ecclesiastical measures.


    Find statutory instruments and follow their progress