Lords hear from Government Officials on behaviour change

29 October 2010

The House of Lords Science and Technology Sub-Committee held their first evidence session in a new inquiry into the Government’s role in influencing behaviour change.

The Government attempts to influence public behaviour in a range of areas from efforts to reduce smoking and obesity to improve public health, to campaigns to increase recycling. The Lords Science and Technology Committee are considering whether Government interventions are evidence-based and effective in producing behaviour change. It will also consider the social and ethical issues raised by these efforts.

As part of that inquiry the Committee took evidence from a range of Government officials on Tuesday 2 November at 3.35pm in Committee Room 3 of the House of Lords. The witnesses giving evidence to the Committee were:

  • David Halpern, Cabinet Office, Director of the Institute for Government and author of MINDSPACE: Influencing behaviour through public policy.
  • Karen Hancock, Chief Economist, Department of Education.
  • Rachel McCloy, of the Government Economic and Social Research Team.
  • Richard Bartholomew, Joint Head of the Government Social Research service, Department of Education.

Image: iStockphoto

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