Generating value from waste: the opportunities and barriers to investment

07 January 2014

The Lords Committee investigating how to turn waste into valuable products will hear on Tuesday 7 January from experts about what encourages and what discourages investment in waste technologies.

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee is exploring the potential to create a multi-million pound economy from waste generated from agriculture, industry and households.

The questions will centre on the technology landscape as well as different investment scenarios.


Tuesday 7 January, Committee Room 3, Palace of Westminster

At 3.40pm evidence will be heard from:

  • Mr Peter Jones OBE, Chairman, Waste2Tricity, Carbon Connect and Ecolateral Ltd; and
  • Dr Rob Wylie, Co-founder and Chairman, WHEB

Areas of questioning:

  • How is the technology landscape geared up for extracting maximum value from waste?
  • What does the investment scenario in this area look like, and are innovative technologies obtaining adequate finance?
  • What are the barriers to investing in new technologies?
  • What can be done to effectively mitigate risks of investing in new technologies to extract maximum value from waste?

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