Eye, heart and Parkinson's disease experts answer #RegenMedQs twitter questions

31 October 2012

On Tuesday 29 October the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee took evidence from experts on Parkinson’s disease, heart conditions and eye disease as part of their inquiry into regenerative medicine. In a first for Lord’s Committees they invited the public to submit questions for them to ask the witnesses via twitter, using the House of Lords twitter feed and the hashtag #RegenMedQs

A range of interesting questions were suggested and the Committee put a number of them to Professor Peng Tee Khaw from Moorfields Eye Hospital and University College London, Parkinson’s disease expert Professor Roger Barker from the University of Cambridge, and Professor Michael Schneider, a researcher funded by the British Heart Foundation.

Areas the Committee covered included whether regenerative medicine research should focus on one condition to concentrate resources, how recent changes in America regarding use of regenerative medicine to treat Stargardt's Disease would impact on treatment in the UK, and whether use should be made of tax breaks to encourage further regenerative medicine research.


@chestnut38 #RegenMedQs is there a program with measurable and realistic goals? Ought we to be focussing on ONE condition to concentrate effort?

@tommyashe10 @UKHouseofLords #RegenMedQs Will proven safety of MA-09 hESC in clinical trial for stargardt's be advanced for compassionate use?

@euparkinsons Is there a need for improved patient education on the whole subject of regenerative medicine? Should there be better science communication strategies designed to provide accurate and realistic messages about such technologies to the public?

@MDSociety What impact expected from EU row on commercial patents on embryonic stemcells to have on the levels of investment in research? #RegenMedQs

@yopduk1 @UKHouseofLords #RegenMedQs what is the position re: benefits to society long term from increasing tax breaks for leading edge research?

Image: iStockphoto

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