Lords debate Nanotechnologies and Food

08 July 2010

Members of the House of Lords debated the Science and Technology Committee report ‘Nanotechnologies and Food’ on Tuesday 13 July, in the House of Lords.

Lord Krebs, who chaired the Science and Technology Committee’s inquiry into Nanotechnologies and Food, introduced the debate which covered the potential benefits offered by the use of nanotechnologies in the food sector, as well as their potential risks. The debate also touched on the need for appropriate regulation and the necessity of funding research required to underpin the effective risk assessments of these novel technologies.

Finally, the need for effective communication was discussed; in particular, it was stressed that the food industry should be more transparent about its work in this area to help gain the public’s trust and confidence.

The debate included contributions from the following Members of the House:

  • Lord Crickhowell
  • Lord Hunt of Chesterton
  • Lord Methuen
  • Baroness O'Neill of Bengarve
  • Earl of Selborne

Earl Howe responded on behalf of the Government.

For further information on the nanotechnologies and food report, including the Government response, please see the inquiries page.

Image: iStockphoto 

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