Energy policy experts questioned on role of renewable energy in the UK

14 November 2014

A Lords inquiry looking into the resilience of the electricity system continues next week with evidence from academics specialising in energy policy.


On Tuesday 18 November the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee will ask questions on the current and likely future contribution of renewables, the cost-effectiveness of wind power, and the cost and flexibility of low-carbon alternatives, among others.


Tuesday 18 November, Committee Room 4A, Palace of Westminster

At 10.40am:

  • Dr Nina Skorupska, CEO, Renewable Energy Association;
  • Professor Richard Green, Professor of Sustainable Energy Business, Imperial College London; and
  • Professor Gordon Hughes, Professor of Economics, University of Edinburgh

At 11.40am:

  • Professor Jon Gibbins, Professor of Power Plant Engineering and Carbon Capture, University of Edinburgh;
  • Dr Keith MacLean, Honorary Fellow of Energy Policy, University of Exeter; and
  • Professor William Nuttall, Professor of Energy, Open University


Questions that the Committee will put to the witnesses include:

  • How much of the UK’s electricity is currently, and will be in the future, generated by renewables?
  • What is the breakdown of contributions made by different kinds of renewables?
  • How much is the decarbonisation of electricity generation going to cost?
  • What are the largest risks to electricity resilience?
  • How close to market are flexible, low carbon electricity generation technologies?
  • Can low carbon technologies ever be cost effective?

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