What is the approach to forensic science in other jurisdictions?

11 January 2019

The House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee continues to hear evidence about the use of forensic science in courts in England and Wales and its contribution to the delivery of justice.

Purpose of session

The Committee will question Dr Sheila Willis, former Director-General of Forensic Science Ireland, the national forensic laboratory of the Republic of Ireland. Dr Willis is currently a guest researcher at the United States of America's National Institute of Standards Technology.

The Committee will ask what structures are in place in the Republic of Ireland, the U.S. and other countries that enable the most needed research in forensic science. The Committee will also explore approaches that successfully provide a current source of responsive, independent, balanced and accessible analysis of emerging science and technology to those involved in criminal investigations.


Tuesday 15 January in Committee Room 4A, Palace of Westminster

At 3.25pm

  • Dr Sheila Willis, Guest Researcher, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Possible questions

  • Where are the gaps in forensic science research and in the understanding of forensic science evidence given your experiences in various jurisdictions?
  • The Committee has heard in written and oral evidence about the value of a 'sterile corridor' between investigators and the delivery of forensic science. To what degree is this achieved in other jurisdictions and in your view what challenges does having a separation of this nature create, and address?
  • Are there any lessons from the way the forensic science market operates in other jurisdictions that can learned for England and Wales?

Further information

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