Experts give evidence on regulation of genetically modified organisms

20 October 2015

On Tuesday 20 October the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee scrutinises the existing frameworks for the regulation of GM insects.

The Committee will also explore potential alternative regulatory environments and ask witnesses how GM insect technologies are regulated abroad. The Committee is exploring the potential of GM insect technologies, hoping to probe this developing field of scientific research.

The sessions take place on Tuesday 20 October in Committee Room 4A, Palace of Westminster.

First panel

In the first evidence session the Committee asks questions about the regulations here in the UK and in Europe.

At 10.40am:

  • Rosemary Hails, Chair, Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment (ACRE)
  • Dr Jeremy Sweet, Environmental Consultant, Sweet Environmental Consultants
  • Ms Camilla Beech, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Oxitec Limited

Question the witnesses are likely to face include:

  • What is the current regulatory environment in the EU and UK?
  • Is it working or is it preventing the sector from innovating and growing?
  • How could existing regulatory frameworks be improved?

Second panel

In the second session of questioning the Committee delves deeper into the field of regulation.

At 11.40am:

  • Professor Paulo Paes Andrade, Department of Genetics, Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil
  • Professor John Mumford, Professor of Natural Resource Management, Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London
  • Dr Jack Stilgoe, Senior Lecturer, Department of Science and Technology Studies, University College London

Questions which this part of the evidence session will cover could include:

  • What is the regulatory environment like outside the EU?
  • What would constitute an improved, ideal regulatory framework?
  • How can responsible research and innovation approaches be adhered to?

Further information

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