When will we see driverless cars on UK roads?

08 November 2016

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee continues its inquiry investigating driverless vehicles and hears evidence from European Officials and industry experts.

Purpose of the session

The session provides an opportunity for the Committee to hear from representatives from three driverless car trials in Greenwich, Bristol and Milton Keynes. The Committee explores the progress being made by the trials and the issues they have highlighted relating to the deployment and regulation of driverless cars as well as social and behavioural issues.

The Committee also examines the extent to which the UK will have to align itself with future international regulation for self-driving vehicles in areas such as cyber-security and data handling and assess what progress has been made in European and global regulation of autonomous vehicles.


Tuesday 8 November in Committee Room 4A, Palace of Westminster

At 10.40am

  • Claire Depré, Head of Sustainable and Intelligent Transport Unit, DG MOVE, European Commission
  • Dr Hermann Meyer, Chief Executive Officer, ERTICO – ITS Europe (Intelligent Transport Systems)
  • Mike Hawes, Chief Executive Officer, Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT)

At 11.40am

  • Professor Nick Reed, Academy Director at TRL, on behalf of GATEway (Greenwich Automated Transport Environment)
  • John McCarthy, Technical Director at Atkins’ Intelligent Mobility, on behalf of the Bristol driverless cars project
  • Brian Matthews, Head of Transport Innovation, Milton Keynes Council

Possible questions

Questions likely to be covered in the first session include:

  • What can European organisations deliver that individual Member States or organisations cannot deliver on their own?
  • What ways is it possible to avoid a situation where European countries have their own individual approach to cybersecurity and privacy requirements for highly autonomous vehicles?
  • To what extent can the UK devise its own regulations and standards?

Questions likely to be covered in the second session include:

  • Are you demonstrating a scientific or engineering process or testing elements of a system to be deployed?
  • Has there been modelling or simulation of deployment on a network of a mixed fleet of non-highly and fully-automated vehicles?
  • Can these new types of vehicle operate safely, efficiently and effectively on current infrastructure or will there have to be significant new infrastructure investment?

Further information

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