Business organisations tell Lords about Members' tax issues

16 December 2013

The House of Lords Committee charged with investigating the tax issues relating to the use of Personal Service Companies hears from specialised industry bodies on Monday 16 December


Monday 16 December, Committee Room 3, Palace of Westminster.

At 4.00 pm:

  • Chris Bryce - Chief Executive of the Professional Contractors Group
  • David Ramsden - Taxation and Financial Affairs Policy Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses
  • Martin Hesketh - Managing Director of Brookson Accountants and Member of the Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA)
  • Ann Swain - Chief Executive of APSCo

Likely questions

The Committee are likely to ask the witnesses questions on a variety of issues including:

  • What proportion of their members operate as Personal Service Companies (PSCs)
  • How they help their members to understand whether their contracts fall within the intermediaries legislation
  • If the current methods of establishing IR35 status, based on employment status case law precedents, are the best approach
  • If they believe that the new processes introduced by HMRC since May 2012 have been successful so far, and what, if any, further changes they would make
  • Why workers use PSCs, and if it is because some workers are forced to worth through particular structures in order to obtain work
  • Why some agencies put certain workers on the payroll but not others and what distinguishes an agency temporary worker from a professional contractor
  • What more could be done to build people’s awareness of their potential tax liabilities and what an ‘IR35 proof contract’ might look like

Further information

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