Lords kick Olympic legacy into The Premier League

24 July 2013

In the week leading up to the first anniversary of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Lords Committee charged with investigating its legacy continues its inquiry on Monday 22 and Wednesday 24 July, when it will be speaking to transport organisations, West Ham United and Leyton Orient football clubs and iCITY, the new users of the Olympic Press and Broadcasting Centres.

Witnesses 24 July

Committee Room 4A, Palace of Westminster:  

At 10.45am

  • Barry Hearn - Chairman of Leyton Orient Football Club

at 11.15am

  • Karren Brady - Director of West Ham United Football Club

Likely questions

  • When and why they decided that the Olympic Stadium would be the ideal home for their clubs;
  • Their assessment of the decision making process that eventually awarded the tenancy of the stadium to West Ham;
  • How, in practice West Ham will ensure the stadium is continued to be used for athletics alongside football; and
  • The impact West Ham’s move into the stadium might have on Leyton Orient FC and the wider redevelopment of East London.

at 11.45am

  • Gavin Poole - Chief Executive at iCITY

Likely questions

  • Whether iCITY would have been possible elsewhere in London if the Games had not taken place;
  • Whether the taxpayer can expect to receive a return on their investment in the construction of the Olympic and Paralympic broadcast centre; and
  • Whether the employment opportunities created at iCITY will benefit local residents.

Witnesses 22 July

Committee Room 4, Palace of Westminster:

At 3.45pm

  • Michèle Dix - Managing Director of Planning at Transport for London; and
  • Charles Horton - Managing Director of Southeastern Trains

Likely questions

  • How important were the improvements made to the transport systems in winning London the right to host the Games;
  • Whether the Games acted as a stimulus for new investment in transport infrastructure, or if the investment would have happened anyway;
  • Whether more joint working between transport operators is a legacy from the Games, including whether travelcards and Oyster cards will be permissible on high speed services; and
  • Whether steps are being taken to improve accessibility to public transport for disabled people.

Further information

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