Mayor of London faces Lords' questions on Olympic and Paralympic legacy

22 October 2013

In the final session of its inquiry, the House of Lords Committee charged with investigating the Olympic and Paralympic legacy will question Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.


    Tuesday 22 October 2013, Committee Room 3, Palace of Westminster:

    at 1.35pm

    • Boris Johnson - Mayor of London

    Likely questions

    Questions Mr Johnson is likely to be asked include:

    • Has enough been done to ensure that jobs created by the Olympics and ‘legacy’ projects are accessible to residents of the host Boroughs and do local residents have the necessary skills for the opportunities being created?
    • Does the decision to award West Ham United the tenancy of the Olympic Stadium represent good value for money for the taxpayer and when should taxpayers expect to see a return on their investment?
    • Whether the current arrangements for coordinating the legacy at a national level are working and if there is sufficient leadership for the legacy within the Government.
    • Whether enough has been done to help UK businesses to attract international customers and increase their ability to export goods?

    Further information

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