Proposals for House of Lords special inquiry committees in 2019-20

10 January 2019

In the autumn Members of the House were invited to submit suggestions for inquiry topics for special inquiry committees in 2019-20. 27 proposals were received by the 20 December deadline.

The Liaison Committee will meet on 14 January to draw up a shortlist of proposals received in accordance with the advertised criteria for selection:

  • Makes best use of the knowledge and experience of Members of the House;
  • Complements the work of Commons departmental select committees;
  • Addresses areas of policy that cross departmental boundaries; and
  • The activity proposed should be capable of being confined to one year.

The shortlisted proposals will then be researched further prior to consideration at the Committee's March meeting, when the Committee is expected to select three special inquiry committees, and one post-legislative scrutiny committee, for recommendation to the House.


The following proposals were received:

  • Democracy and digital technologies (Baroness O’Neill of Bengarve)
  • Do digital media threaten our democracy? (Lord Lipsey)
  • Election regulation in the UK (Lord Stevenson of Balmacara)
  • Fairness between members of the House (Lord Balfe)
  • Business confidence in financial services (Baroness Randerson)
  • Cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology (Viscount Chandos)
  • Future of ornamental horticulture (Baroness Fookes)
    Restoring trust between SMEs and financial institutions (Lord Cromwell)
  • Regenerating market towns (Bishop of Ely)
  • Abortion in the UK (Baroness Tonge and Baroness Barker)
  • Barriers faced by working age disabled people (Baroness Thomas of Winchester and Baroness Campbell of Surbiton)
  • Britain's demographic challenge (Lord Hodgson of Astley Abbotts)
  • Family policy in England (Lord Hylton)
  • Food, Poverty, Health and the Environment (Lord Krebs and Baroness Boycott)
  • Harnessing the value of NHS data (Lord Freyberg)
  • Private Healthcare Sector (Lord Williams of Elvel)
  • Social and economic impacts of the gambling industry (Bp of St Albans)
  • Barriers to integration and community cohesion (Baroness Flather)
  • Gender discrimination and "honour"- based abuse (Baroness Cox)
  • Islamophobia (Lord Sheikh)
  • National Identity Cards (Lord Campbell-Savours)
  • Reform of Family Law (Divorce & Financial Provision) (Baroness Deech and Baroness Shackleton of Belgravia)
  • Violence in Prisons (Viscount Hailsham)
  • Youth crime (Lord Grade of Yarmouth)
  • Plight of widows and others living in developing and fragile states (Lord Loomba)
  • Refugees: Global and national challenges (Lord Dubs)
  • UK's fulfilment of the duties to prevent and punish the crime of genocide (Lord Alton of Liverpool)

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