Geopolitics of the Western Balkans under the microscope

West balkans map
09 October 2017

The International Relations Committee takes evidence from leading regional analysts on the role of Russia, Turkey and China on the geopolitics of the Balkans.


Wednesday 11 October, Committee Room 4, Palace of Westminster

At 10.30am

  • Mr Laza Kekic, former Economist Intelligence Unit & independent analyst
  • Dr Jarosław Wiśniewski, Visiting Fellow, LSE
  • Mr Timothy Less, Director, Nova Europa
  • Dr Michael Taylor, Senior Analyst, Oxford Analytica
  • Mr Michal Makocki, formerly of EUISS and Mercator Institute for China Studies

Possible questions

  • Would you agree that Russian political influence in the region might be overestimated?
  • Are leaders of the region exploiting the relationship with Russia as a lever against the West?
  • How is Turkey perceived across the region, in which countries is it particularly focusing?
  • How does the Western Balkans fit into China’s broader economic and political strategy?
  • We have heard that economic investment from China and Turkey can exacerbate the challenge of corruption in the region - can you explain to us the investment model of these two countries?
  • How are Russia, Turkey and China positioning themselves with regard to possible EU accession of countries in the Western Balkans?

Further information

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