International involvement in the Balkans discussed by Committee

01 September 2017

The International Relations Committee takes evidence from experts on Bosnia and Herzegovina and the UK's involvement in regional peace processes, launching its new inquiry into the UK and the Balkans.


Wednesday 6 September, Committee Room 3, Palace of Westminster

At 10.40am

  • General Sir Michael Rose, former Commander of the UN Protection Force in Bosnia-Herzegovina

At 11.30am

  • Lord Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon, former High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Possible questions

  • What are the UK's interests – both direct and indirect- in the Balkans today?
  • How do you assess the UK's current level of political attention and commitment to the region?
  • Do you judge that the EU membership perspective remains a credible path for reform in the Balkans? Is there still public support and political will for such reforms?
  • How well integrated is the region into Euro-Atlantic security structures, such as NATO?
  • What is the strategic value to NATO of the membership of the countries of the Western Balkans?
  • What have been the lasting consequences of the international community’s military engagement in the Bosnian wars of the 1990s?
  • Is the region volatile enough to spill over into inter-ethnic conflict or inter-state conflict? Are the rifts of the 1990s still present?
  • What are the most serious regional challenges remaining?

Further information

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