What is the impact of China's global economic role on the UK?

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21 March 2018

The International Relations Committee takes evidence on the UK’s relationship with China, and China’s economic and political role in changed world conditions.


Wednesday 21 March, Committee Room 4, Palace of Westminster

At 10.40am

  • Carrie Gracie, Journalist and former China Editor, BBC News
  • Professor Steve Tsang, Director, China Institute, School of Oriental and African Studies

At 11.40am

  • Stephen King, Author and Senior Economic Advisor, HSBC
  • George Magnus, Former Chief Economist, UBS
  • Stefania Palma, Asia Editor, The Banker

Possible questions

  • To what extent has President Xi Jinping changed China and its international role compares with the Hu Jintao era?
  • What might globalisation with Chinese characteristics look like?
  • China has invested a great deal into diplomacy and soft power; how important is soft power and perception to Beijing?
  • What are China’s aims in its use of soft power?
  • To what extent is China’s geopolitical power dependent on its economic growth, and how robust is that growth likely to be?
  • The UK has placed a great deal of emphasis on the economic aspects of the UK-China relationship. How important is China to the UK economy? How important is the UK to China?

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