Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry gives evidence to Committee

24 October 2018

The International Relations Committee takes evidence on how the UK should respond to changes to the international environment, the shifting global balance of power and challenges to the rules based international order.


Wednesday 24 October in Committee Room 2, Palace of Westminster
At 10.40am

  • The Rt Hon Emily Thornberry MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

Possible questions

  • We have heard a great deal of evidence on the significant changes to the conditions in which diplomacy and international relations are conducted. There is now a new audience for foreign policy and a range of new platforms and tools through which foreign policy can be communicated. At the same time, these changes have resulted in political uncertainty, the rise of populism, nationalism and isolationism, and domestic political discord in countries around the world. In this rapidly changing world, how would you reshape Labour's foreign policy to meet these challenges?
  • A second area where we have taken evidence is on the changing balance of power, particularly the growing role and power of China, and the changing approach of the US, our closest ally. How would you respond to these developments?
  • We have heard evidence that the rules-based international order is under considerable strain. How can the UK use its influence (including soft power, hard power and diplomacy) to maintain this system?
  • How well has the UK responded to the challenges wrought by technological change—particularly the increasing use of digital communications—and cyber warfare?
  • How well is Whitehall structured and equipped to pursue the UK's international priorities post-Brexit?

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