UK-Middle East trade examined by committee

Canary Wharf Skyline
08 February 2017

The International Relations Committee takes evidence from trade executives on the UK’s economic relations throughout the Middle East.


Wednesday 8 February, Committee Room 4, Palace of Westminster

At 10.00am

  • Peter Meyer, Chief Executive Officer, Middle East Association
  • Abdeslam El-Idrissi, Director of Trade Services, Arab-British Chamber of Commerce

Possible questions

  • Can you provide an overview of the UK’s economic relations with the Middle East, including the main sectors?
  • What are the barriers to strengthening these relations?
  • Following Brexit, how likely is the emergence of a UK-GCC free trade agreement?
  • Should human rights records factor into future UK trade agreements?
  • How are the regions attempts to diversify from the oil economy progressing?
  • What are the opportunities for UK businesses in this context?
  • How significant do you perceive the increased economic links between the Middle East and Asia Pacific countries to be?

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