How do housing and the labour market impact on intergenerational fairness?

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12 July 2018

The Select Committee on Intergenerational Fairness and Provision next week takes evidence from leading think tanks the Institute for Fiscal Studies and the Institute of Economic Affairs among others, as it looks at the impact of housing and the labour market on intergenerational fairness.


Tuesday 17 July in Committee Room 4A, Palace of Westminster

At 11.40am

  • Paul Johnson, Director, Institute for Fiscal Studies
  • Professor Stephen Machin, Director, Centre for Economic Performance

At 12.30pm

  • Paul Johnson, Director, Institute for Fiscal Studies
  • Ian Mulheirn, Director of Consulting, Oxford Economics
  • Dr Kristian Niemietz, Head of Health and Welfare, Institute for Economic Affairs

Possible questions

Questions the Committee is likely to ask include:

  •  How do employment levels differ between age groups? Are more people of certain age groups in self-employment, zero hours contracts or under-employment? How have these differences changed over time?
  • How is the level of education and occupational skills different between different age groups? How has this changed over time?
  • What changes to the current taxation of income could address intergenerational fairness?
  • How does wealth (excluding pensions) differ between different age groups? What proportion of this is property wealth? How has this changed over time?
  • To what extent are government interventions in the mortgage market and financial support for first time buyers affecting different generations? Do they improve or worsen intergenerational fairness?
  • How have different generations been affected by the increase in size of the private rented sector?

Further information

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