Hybrid Instruments Committee - Legislative Reform (Epping Forest) Order 2011 - petitions against

Those people, bodies or organisations who are directly and specially affected by the Epping Forest Order were able to present their views to the House of Lords in a "petition".  Petitions had to be presented between 22 March and 4 April 2011.

Petitions presented against the Order

Eight petitions were received by the House of Lords against the Legislative Reform (Epping Forest) Order 2011.  These will now be considered by the Hybrid Instruments Committee.

Petition number petitioner (with link to petition)
1 The Wren Conservation and Wildlife Group's petition (PDF PDF 507 KB)
2 Dr M. Pelling's petition (PDF PDF 1.71 MB)
3 Susan Lee and others' petition (PDF PDF 474 KB)

Save Wanstead Flats' petition (PDF PDF 1.43 MB)

5 Mr M O'Sullivan's petition (PDF PDF 329 KB)
6 Waltham Borough Council's petition (PDF PDF 448 KB)
7 D. Bowden's petition (PDF PDF 259 KB)
8 Newham Borough Council's petition (PDF PDF 253 KB)