HIV and Aids Committee visit London hospitals

31 March 2011

On Thursday 31 March, the Committee investigating HIV and Aids will meet clinicians, staff and patients at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, and Homerton University Hospital, London.

The Committee will tour the facilities at both hospitals, and will see how treatment programmes and services work, as well as talking to doctors and nurses about topics such as the problems of an ageing HIV patient population and the future of HIV services.

Evidence session

The visit follows an evidence session on Tuesday 29 March when the Committee heard from GPs and sexual health commissioners.

The Committee heard from a panel of GPs about the role of GPs in HIV testing, and whether GPs should take a more prominent role in the treatment and care of those living with HIV. The panel of GPs included:

  • Dr Ewen Stewart, Chair, Sex, Drugs and HIV Group, Royal College of GPs 
  • Dr Philippa Matthews, Killick Street Health Centre, London
  • Dr Bill Beeby, Chairman, General Practitioners Committee Clinical and Prescribing Sub-Committee, British Medical Association

The Committee also heard from sexual health and HIV commissioners about subjects including the cost of HIV treatment and care, and whether possible reforms could lower the cost of treatment. Those giving evidence to the Committee were: 

  • Justine Womack, Head, Sexual Health South West
  • Simon Williams, Divisional Director, London Specialised Commissioning Group
  • Claire Foreman, Lead Commissioner, London Specialised Commissioning Group

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